Brexit could encourage companies to pollute and waste more

27th June 2016 | Commercial Energy

According to a new report, British companies may end up creating more trash and dirtying the air and water in the wake of Brexit. Two years ago, the EU set targets for reducing waste and increasing recycling and the UK pushed back, saying it would be too expensive for businesses to comply. And if the…Read more

Britain may face winter with low gas stocks

23rd June 2016 | Commercial Energy

There is a strong possibility that Britain could head into winter with record low inventories of gas, as the 42 day shut-down of Britain’s largest gas storage facility. Britain depends on stored reserves to manage winter demand spikes while domestic stockpiles also help ensure the security of energy supplies. Reserves are typically replenished during summer…Read more

Four EU rules which protect the environment

17th June 2016 | Recycling

Most independent experts agree that EU membership has been generally good for the country’s environment. Article 193 – Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. This is the minimum level of protection throughout the continent, but does not rule out ambitious countries from doing more if they wish. The 1999 Landfill Directive – this has…Read more

2.2 million abandon Big Six energy suppliers.

15th June 2016 | Residential Energy

The Big Six energy providers (British Gas, EDF, Eon Energy, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE) are losing more customers to smaller independent suppliers. In the last year alone, 2.2 million accounts were switched to independent suppliers, research from consultancy Cornwall Energy found. Consumer Group Which? said that the gap between the average tariffs of the Big…Read more

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