Reduce Your Recycling Costs For Your Business

Many companies have used the same waste company for years as it hasn't occurred to them to review this relationship. It is an important one as removal of waste is typically critical to retaining order within a company's operations.

The norm is for a local waste company to rent bins for the client to throw their rubbish in, then turn up on a regular basis (sometimes once a week, sometimes once a day) to empty them. The client pays for the hire of the bin and its emptying (even if it isn't full) - which can add up to a significant expense across the course of a year.

And it is often disruptive and requires manpower to be available to supervise its disposal.

And in these days of environmental conscience, can you be sure where your waste is going?

Does your waste carrier give you details?

Oroco Utilities has a number of solutions available (depending on the type and quantity of waste, its location etc), bespoke per client and site.


You contact us and let us have some information about your current situation: preferably a year's worth of invoices/lifting notes along with a copy of any associated contracts. We then assess what your annual waste consumption/production is and replay this back to you in an easy-to-understand manner along with initial observations.

We then survey the site and report back on how/ if we can improve on the situation (ie. reduce cost, reduce space taken up by waste, reduce time spent dealing with waste etc). If we can agree terms, then we start to work together.


How much will this cost me?

It depends on the solution delivered: all costs will be transparent.

Can I sell my waste?

Sometimes - it depends on how much you are producing. If you are producing three tons of cardboard, or a ton of plastic waste a week, there is a good chance that you can sell it - if you produce smaller quantities you might be able to have it lifted for free. We will advise how to do this.

How much might I be paid for my waste?

It depends on what the price in the market is at that time.

Will I have the same carrier for all my waste?

Not necessarily - some waste carriers will specialize in plastics, others cardboard, so a proposal will include splitting waste streams and carriers accordingly.

Who will help negotiate contracts with new suppliers?

Oroco will oversee these contracts to make sure the client's interests are foremost and we will step in if any problems arise.

Who will my new waste carrier be?

That depends on the solution we recommend - we might have different specialist carriers for different waste streams.

Can I separate my waste?

Yes - and we might have a different solution for each waste stream depending on the quantity and frequency it is produced.

Will the new system cause disruption to my operations?

As little as possible - change will always produce some disturbance, but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

How can I be sure of the greenness of the proposed solution?

Where appropriate, we will insist that carriers produce audit trails of where the waste goes to, method of transport, CO2 consumed and so on which will help companies with their environmental and CSR reporting/green credentials.

Will our staff be trained?

Some of the equipment will need an element of training and this will be provided by us on equipment install.

What can I expect?


Audit trail of waste

Exceptional service