Residential Energy and Utilities Comparison

Although there is more choice between suppliers and contracts than ever, and although it is now easier than ever, more than 60% of households still haven't ever changed supplier (source: Ofgem). Oroco makes it very easy for customers with our site which includes all residential suppliers and which is completely impartial in its recommendations.


It takes about five minutes.

Take a recent residential electricity and gas bill, click here and follow the instructions.


How does Oroco make money from this?

We are paid a signing on fee by the supplier - and as it is the same for each, it means that we are complete impartial.

Which suppliers are included in the comparison website?

All residential suppliers in the UK.

Do you favour any suppliers?

No - the system is completely objective and doesn't direct customers towards a particular supplier.

What if I get stuck, or "the computer says no"?

We have telephone operators who will have the same screen as you in front of them and they can talk you through the different suppliers and contract offers. The telephone number is on the top right of the screen when you click on this button.

What can I expect?

A quick response

Good prices

Broad range of offers

Somebody on the other end of the phone to answer your questions