Compare Business Energy Prices

Many companies do not like dealing with commercial energy companies as they do not understand the jargon, do not have time to speak to multiple suppliers and don't know if they're getting a good deal or not when comparing especially as the commercial landscape is far different to what they’re used to.

Oroco Utilities have been helping clients compare commercial energy prices to secure best terms and deals for many years, working with single-site clients, or those with 100+ sites - sole trader or FTSE company.


In order to start helping a commercial business, we need a Letter of Authority (LOA) from them - energy companies are not permitted to share information with a third party without one (Data Protection).

We present prices in a way which makes a sound energy comparison and choice easy for a commercial entity and ensure the paperwork is in order.

We then establish what the client's situation is (in a utility or energy contract or not, rates, consumption etc) and advise accordingly.


How much does this cost?

Oroco is paid a commission by the supplier which is based on the client's consumption: the supplier invoices the client, the client pays the supplier and Oroco is paid by the supplier.

Do Oroco favour some suppliers over others?

No. Some suppliers have better admin than others, and on occasion clients will refuse to work with particular suppliers, but Oroco offers impartial advice as to which offers are most suitable (most clients make their decision based on cost - and some refuse to work with particular suppliers).

Do you have access to the "Big Six" energy suppliers?

Yes, we work with all Big Six suppliers, and many of the newer smaller suppliers too (who are taking a greater share of the market).

What if I have a poor credit record?

Oroco works with suppliers across the range - those who will only supply blue chip companies to those who are able to work with clients with poor credit histories, bankruptcies and CCJs (although these are addressed on a per case basis).

Can you help us to reduce our consumption of electricity and gas?

Yes. We work with a number of specialist contractors who can advise how to cut usage and therefore costs. Contact us via the Contact Tab and we will provide prices for energy companies in a comparison type format so you can make a more educated guess which energy supplier is best for your business.

Can Oroco help us buy renewable energy?

Yes. If a commercial company specifies that this is what they want (for CSR reasons, or green credentials), we can source this for them - but it is slightly more expensive than electricity made from fossil fuel.

What can Oroco do to help us with ESOS filings?

We have a number of commercial clients who need information to complete their ESOS obligations and we provide the relevant data where we can. If you need help with the filing, Oroco works with a number of organizations and we can put you in touch with them.

What can I expect?

Excellent service

Competitive rates

Access to all energy suppliers

Comparing energy costs from all major energy suppliers.