Bioenergy represents a sixth of UK renewable electricity generation capacity

23rd December 2020 | Commercial Energy

Bioenergy now represents a sixth of UK renewable electricity generation capacity, according to UK Government statistics released on 22 December. Bioenergy has an 11.5% share of generation in 2019 following the first full year since Lynemouth converted its 420MW coal unit to biomass in 2018. Since the conversion of four Drax coal units to biomass,…Read more

UK wind energy breaks records

22nd December 2020 | Commercial Energy

National Grid ESO reported on 18 December that wind energy broke generation records in Britain. Between 1pm and 1.30pm, wind energy generated 17.2GW of electricity. Although wind broke the generation record, it only accounted for 43.2% of the mix at the time. The all-time high for wind energy in the energy mix is 59.9%, which…Read more

Rethinking the science of plastic recycling: UK startup lands £1.2m for turning trash into treasure using AI and robotics

15th December 2020 | Recycling

The recycling industry is plagued by various problems including dull, dirty and dangerous manual jobs. Also, numerous waste pickers are exposed to a multitude of occupational hazards, which have resulted in the industry facing an average of 50% labour turnover every 6 months. With China’s waste import ban, the UK has stopped exporting 50% of…Read more

Energy White Paper – Government confirms £6.7bn warm homes package and UK ETS

14th December 2020 | Residential Energy

The UK Government has finally released its Energy White Paper, detailing steps to deliver “overwhelmingly decarbonised power in the 2030s”, with a new £6.7bn support scheme to be set up to tackle fuel poverty and a UK variant of the Emissions Trading Scheme to be introduced. The Energy White Paper has been delayed numerous times…Read more

Energy storage roadmap for UK’s net-zero transition

11th December 2020 | Recycling

The role of energy storage and the part it will play in helping the UK reach its net-zero targets on carbon emissions by 2050 has been set out in a roadmap drawn up by researchers at the University of Birmingham. The Energy Storage Roadmap, launched at a webinar attended by industry, academic and policy experts,…Read more

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