People’s Energy and Utility Point cease trading – customers urged to sit tight

14th September 2021 | Residential Energy

Two more smaller energy companies – People’s Energy and Utility Point – have ceased trading as of today, confirming the crippling effect of soaring wholesale prices on the UK energy market. Last week, PFP Energy and MoneyPlus Energy also closed their doors. Market commentators say rising costs will result in more casualties among energy firms…Read more

UK trailing most European countries on putting heat pumps in homes, figures show

13th September 2021 | Residential Energy

Britain was joint last out of 21 countries for heat pump sales and second last for the number of households that have the clean technology installed. The UK is lagging behind most European countries in selling and installing low carbon heat pumps to clean up the emissions from heating homes, data show. Britain came joint…Read more

Hydrogen safe in 20% blends over Keele’s pipes, trial decides

13th September 2021 | Commercial Energy

Advocates of hydrogen blended with conventional ‘natural’ gas to lessen harms from the methane-dependent fluid, were today celebrating the success of Britain’s first test on a Midlands campus. Under the HyDeploy tag, pipes and pumps connecting 30 faculty buildings and around 100 homes at Keele University were the trial network for a mix of the…Read more

Is the UK’s hydrogen strategy propping up the gas industry?

11th September 2021 | Commercial Energy

In August, the government finally published it’s hydrogen strategy with great aplomb. For several years the government has made it clear that it sees the nascent hydrogen industry as a major piece in tackling climate change (a view shared by the Green Party of England and Wales), a major economic opportunity (as does the European…Read more

Geothermal potential – why hot rocks are cool

8th September 2021 | Commercial Energy

At the end of April 2021, the UK government reset its own climate goalposts and pledged to enshrine in law the most ambitious climate change targets in the world, committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 78%. However, as the UK commits to leading the way on systemic decarbonisation, this ambition is not currently matched…Read more

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