Major changes to UK land use needed to tackle climate change, advisers warn

23rd January 2020 | Commercial Energy

A levy on airlines or fossil fuel companies could be introduced to help pay for a huge boost to woodland planting, Government climate advisers have urged. The Committee on Climate Change made the recommendation in a new report calling for major and urgent changes to how land is managed to help the UK reach its…Read more

Government advisory body says electric vehicle revolution can be a boon to the UK’s energy system

23rd January 2020 | Commercial Energy

A Government-backed taskforce bringing together key players in the energy, infrastructure and transport sectors says it has demonstrated that an effectively managed integration of electric vehicles with the energy system can significantly improve electricity network efficiency, increase system resilience and limit the requirement to build costly new infrastructure to meet growing electricity demand. The Electric…Read more

UK citizens assembly to discuss how to meet 2050 climate target

22nd January 2020 | Commercial Energy

From health workers to engineers and teenagers to grandparents, 110 Britons will join a citizens’ assembly on climate change this weekend to discuss how the country can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Britain became the first major economy to enshrine a net zero target into law last year – a move…Read more

Malaysia returns 42 containers of illegal plastic waste to UK

20th January 2020 | Recycling

Malaysia is returning 42 shipping containers of illegally imported plastic waste to the UK, its environment minister has announced. Yeo Bee Yin said Malaysia would take “steps to ensure” the country “does not become the garbage dump of the world.” She added Malaysia had sent back 150 containers to their country of origin. The UK…Read more

Recycling household waste in London “impossible”

18th January 2020 | Recycling

It is “impossible” to recycle household rubbish in London because of a “postcode lottery”, the Green Party has said. The capital’s 32 borough councils were asked for their policies on recycling seven items, including a plastic bucket, crisp packet, ballpoint pen and a bicycle tyre. None could recycle all seven items. The London Assembly Green…Read more

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