Energy from waste could become worse than landfill

5th October 2020 | Recycling

Small changes in municipal waste composition could push energy from waste above landfill in generating climate change emissions, a Scottish Government funded report has found. The study also reasons that energy from waste can no longer be considered a “low carbon technology” in the UK, largely because electricity generation is becoming more decarbonised. The technical…Read more

Could hydrogen be key to Scotland’s net zero future?

2nd October 2020 | Commercial Energy

Humankind’s first attempt at air travel was not – as many believe – the creation of aeroplanes that hurtle across continents and nations. In 1783, passengers huddled in airships that floated across the Atlantic between Europe and America – carried gently for thousands of miles. This was made possible by the lightest and most abundant…Read more

What is a circular economy and how does waste management factor into it?

30th September 2020 | Recycling

A Circular Economy describes an economic system which eliminates as much production waste as possible in order to continually reuse resources. In other words, it is a system which maximises the value of resources by recycling and repurposing them as much as possible. This is in contract to a conventional linear economy where products are…Read more

UK’s first hydrogen train passes mainline test

30th September 2020 | Commercial Energy

The UK’s first hydrogen-powered train has successfully undertaken its first mainline test, achieving a top speed of 50 mph. Originally unveiled in June 2019, the HydroFLEX project is designed to demonstrate a practical application of hydrogen as the power source for a full-size passenger train. Based on a Class 319 electric multiple unit, the HydroFLEX…Read more

The Green Homes Grant can help alongside ECO to drive the country towards net-zero

29th September 2020 | Residential Energy

The Government’s new Green Homes Grant scheme, set to launch this month, is aimed at creating jobs and benefitting the economy as it recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it will also provide much needed support for a wider push to reduce the carbon emissions of our homes that works alongside the existing Energy Company…Read more

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