What happens to the plastic you recycle? Researchers lift the lid

2nd September 2020 | Recycling

The recycling way in which plastic recycling is handled in the UK carries the potential for the next big scandal. While the government’s statutory guidance is supposed to clarify who is responsible, our research suggests that what happens to plastics we believe to be recycled in the UK is in reality quite obscure. Each council…Read more

War on plastic waste stepped up with extension of plastic bag charge

31st August 2020 | Recycling

The Government has today stepped up its fight against single-use plastics by confirming that the plastic carrier bag charge will be extended to all retailers from April 2021. Since the charge was first introduced in 2015, the Government has successfully prevented billions of plastic bags being sold and ending up in the ocean and environment….Read more

Renewables set UK power generation records in 1H 2020

31st August 2020 | Commercial Energy

UK renewables generation was up 32% year-on-year as biomass, wind and solar set new generation records in the second quarter of 2020, the latest Drax report shows. At one point renewable electricity sources were providing almost 70% (69.5%) of Britain’s electricity, the Drax Electrical Insights report found. During this period, wind and solar power provided…Read more

15 million UK households set to benefit from energy price cap cut

15th August 2020 | Residential Energy

UK households are set to benefit from reductions on their energy bills following regulator Ofgem’s decision to reduce the price cap to the lowest level since the system was introduced in January last year. The cap on the most widely used tariffs are set to lower by about 7.5 per cent from 1 October this…Read more

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