Labour’s plan to renationalise the UK energy network is unworkable

27th November 2019 | Commercial Energy

Along with rail, mail, water and broadband, the UK Labour Party has announced plans to bring energy back into public ownership in its election manifesto. Labour has big plans to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by also investing in more renewable energy and it believes public ownership is the best way to do this. But…Read more

Global coal power generation set to drop by record 3% in 2019

25th November 2019 | Commercial Energy

Reduction in electricity generation from the polluting fossil fuel could help curb rising carbon emissions. The amount of electricity generated from coal plants around the world is on track to drop by a record 3% in 2019, analysis suggests. Assessment of monthly electricity data from countries worldwide indicates a fall of around 300 terawatt hours…Read more

National Grid and SSE shift to overseas ownership to counter Labour nationalisation plans

24th November 2019 | Commercial Energy

The backlash to Jeremy Corbyn’s sweeping nationalisation plans has begun, as two of the UK’s leading power companies said that they had shifted ownership of their British operations overseas. The Sunday Times revealed that SSE and National Grid had confirmed that they had set up offshore companies in Switzerland and Luxembourg and Hong Kong respectively…Read more

Suez chief points to “bright future” for waste industry

22nd November 2019 | Recycling

The chief executive of Suez Recycling and Recovery UK has said that the industry faces an “exciting future”, despite the UK potentially taking a “5%” hit on its recycling rate next year due to the European definition change. The comments came from David Palmer-Jones at the 30th Anniversary of the North East Recycling Forum (NERF),…Read more

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