Rural Energy and Utilities Comparison

Many people use Heating Oil for their heating and hot water, particularly in more rural areas which are not on the National Grid for gas. Running out of Oil is a problem as people forget to dip the tanks to check levels - and this is usually an expensive mistake. Also, when they re-order Oil, they are doing so for themselves only - and often they will do so without checking the price with their supplier.

We have a piece of technology (The Olive) which sits inside the tank and monitors Oil levels, alerting the customer via the internet when a re-order is required. They are given the option to make their purchase as part of the buying group, which will allow them to leverage bulk purchase prices.

The benefits are convenience, price and security (if Oil is drawn off in large quantities at strange time such as 3am in the morning, an alert will sound). The same principle and technology are used for Group Purchase of Red Diesel and Heating Oil.


The customer buys an Olive and installs (very simple to do) it in their tank and ensures that their router can pick up the information, and then the system is working.

When the tank's levels fall to about 30% of capacity, the customer is alerted that it is a good time to re-stock. The customer then has the choice to join our group purchase and enjoy the benefits of pooled procurement.


How much will this cost me?

Other than an initial charge for the olive, we do not charge an additional fee to the price of the Oil, Kerosene or Red Diesel.

Who supplies the Heating Oil?

The company winning the tender - usually the one with the best price for the group pool.

Will the tender include local companies or is it restricted to those with national coverage?

All sorts of companies are invited to the tender - and more will be included as the geographical spread of clients increases.

How do I pay?

The oil is delivered and the customer has a couple of days to pay for it - usually by Credit Card.

Can I pay monthly by DD?

Yes. If a client would prefer to spread the cost of the Oil over the year, we can offer this facility. There will be occasional adjustments to the DD, depending on the amount of oil and the price paid.

Is this service available to residential and commercial customers?


Will I need anything else?

Internet and wifi capability.

What can I expect?

Not running out of Oil

Better prices



All bound up with the latest technology