Utilities are a necessity for most people and companies, but are not particularly interesting for many. As long as the electricity arrives, or the waste is taken away, many customers are happy to continue with existing arrangements - and many do not realise that there are alternative options available.

These are often cheaper and better than their existing arrangements.

We at Oroco Utilities take the pain out of dealing with suppliers in energy, waste and water, where often the jargon is incomprehensible, the suppliers unapproachable and confusion the norm.

And we do it quickly and with a smile.

About Us

  • Oroco Utilities was set up in 2008 to help commercial companies with their electricity and gas contracts.
    Since then we have worked with FTSE 100 companies, one-man bands, across all categories.
    We have clients in Aberdeen and clients in Truro - nationwide scope.
  • In 2011, we added residential electricity and gas to our services - allowing customers to sort out their domestic energy quickly and efficiently.
  • Then in 2012 we started to look at the recycling of waste for commercial companies.
    Again clients can be helped if their waste production is small (eg a single pub) or very large, across multiple sites.
  • In 2016 we began to look at Rural Energy - for those houses and companies who are not supplied by the Gas Networks - giving a modern technology solution for purchasing Heating Oil, Red Diesel and Kerosene.
  • And in 2017 the water market deregulation will start, whereby it will be possible for companies to shop around for water and sewerage solutions, rather than be restricted to the local supplier.
  • Commercial

    xMany customers do not like dealing with commercial energy companies as they do not understand the jargon, do not have time to speak to multiple suppliers and don't know if they're getting a good deal or not.Oroco have been helping clients to secure best terms and deals for many years, working with single-site clients, or those with 100+ sites - sole trader or FTSE company.Read more

  • Recycling

    xMany companies have used the same waste company for years as it hasn't occurred to them to review this relationship. In these days of environmental conscience, can you be sure where your waste is going? Does your waste carrier give you details?Oroco has a number of solutions available (depending on the type and quantity of waste, its location etc), bespoke per client and site.Read more

  • Residential

    xAlthough there is more choice between suppliers and contracts than ever, and although it is now easier than ever, more than 60% of households still haven't ever changed supplier (source: Ofgem).Oroco makes it very easy for customers with our site which includes all residential suppliers and which is completely impartial in its recommendations.Read more

  • Rural

    xMany people use Heating Oil for their heating and hot water, particularly in more rural areas. We have a piece of technology which sits inside the tank and monitors Oil levels, alerting the customer via the internet when a re-order is required.They are given the option to make their purchase as part of the buying group, which will allow them to leverage bulk purchase prices.Read more

  • Water

    xAlthough the UK Water Industry was privatised in the 1980's, full deregulation hasn't happened yet.It is due to do so from April 2017, whereby it should be possible for companies with a reasonable requirement for water and sewerage services to shop around: up to now, it has only been possible to source these services from a local provider, other than in exceptional circumstances.Read more


  • “I have worked with Oroco for about four years and found their advice reliable and their pricing competitive however it is their willingness and ability to resolve supplier issues that is most valuable.”

    SB, Property & Facilities Director, Investment Company, 30+ Nationwide Offices
  • “Oroco has been advising me of the best utility prices for since 2011. Our Charity is delighted with its professional services and will continue to use Oroco in the future.”

    MM, Director, Gymnastics Club and Charity
  • “We have used the services of James Ringshall at Oroco for nearly seven years and have recommended him to a number of our clients. The service is efficient, professional and makes the complex task of renewing multiple contracts plain and simple. The fact that so many clients happily return to do repeat business speaks volumes.”

    SM, Director, Energy Services Company
  • “Oroco Utilities provide a superb service. We spent a decade unsuccessfully working with a number of energy brokers who promised a lot and then forgot about us, missed renewals or gave poor prices. By the time we met James from Oroco we had despaired and taken energy negotiations in house. Since then we have never looked back. Today Oroco exclusively deal with all our renewals across multiple sites and operations. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

    RMW, Director Property Portfolio & Additional Businesses
  • “I am very pleased that James Ringshall of Oroco Utilities has done an excellent job in saving our Block of Flats a large sum of money reducing our utility bills and going the extra mile to make sure that the contract was tailored to our needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending both him and his company to help you with your Utility Costs.”

    IR, Director & Resident, North London Residents Board for a Block of Flats
  • “Oroco saved our company time and money by sourcing and comparing prices across a full range of suppliers: they gave us peace of mind knowing that our utilities bills were being priced at a competitive rate. They clearly laid out our consumption figures and our options without us having to spend any time going through bills or hunting for suppliers, and tailored the results to our specific requirements so it was easy and straightforward for us to compare prices.”

    JM, Office Manager, Fine Instrument Manufacturer
  • “When we were approached by Oroco, our utility arrangements were a bit of a mystery, with us not even understanding the type of meter we had! We are a reasonably large user of gas and electricity at our Mayfair offices, but we hadn’t given either much attention. Oroco came into our offices, explained the pitfalls of our contract and sorted us out in no time. We now continue with a minimum of fuss (with the benefit of some pretty impressive reductions to our utility cost base), and best of all knowing that our utilities costs are being overseen by some knowledgable, safe & friendly hands.”

    CS, FD, Mayfair Investment Organisation
  • “I worked with James at Oroco over a 3 year period during my time with Asos. Found both James and the company offered a very good service which was made easy to understand in what could sometimes be a complex area! They were always able to come up with good competitive pricing and always there to help steer us through. I would have no hesitation with recommending them.”

    MC, Facilities Director, Central London e-retailer
  • “I have used the Oroco residential calculator a couple of times in recent years, and I managed to save over £1,000 last time for combined electricity and gas. Not only will I use it again, but I have encouraged many others to follow suit: they might not save as much as I did, but for the amount of time it takes, it is worth doing.”

    PS, The Wirral
  • “I have used Oroco’s residential calculator several times in the past 5 years. It’s easy to use, saved me money on my energy costs and the management of the changeover very smooth.”

    MG, Surrey
  • “Great site! Easy to use with no complicated form filling. I have already recommended it to numerous friends who have since saved money. Thanks Oroco.”

    SC, Surrey
  • “I wanted to change my utilities provider as I felt I was being overcharged. I went on to Oroco’s website and used their calculator to see what was on offer. After inputting a few bits of information I had many comparisons some saving considerable money. I chose the supplier I wanted to change to and Oroco did the rest of the work. It could not have been easier.”

    ML, Milton Keynes
  • “I found the website very easy to use and it helped me save over 20% on my energy bills. It only took a few minutes, I would highly recommend it to everyone.”

    CB, Essex
  • “I found the residential calculator very easy to use. Within minutes I had put in my usage and was able to compare my provider with another that was much cheaper!”

    RA, South London