Four EU rules which protect the environment

17th June 2016 | Recycling

Most independent experts agree that EU membership has been generally good for the country’s environment.
Article 193 – Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. This is the minimum level of protection throughout the continent, but does not rule out ambitious countries from doing more if they wish.
The 1999 Landfill Directive – this has had a major effect on increasing Britain’s recycling rates, especially big advances in recycling biodegradable waste (including food waste).
The 2008 Air Quality Directive – it is estimated that 40,000 premature deaths are cause by air pollution. British Governments have failed to meet EU targets for a prolonged
The2010 Energy Labelling directive – labels on hardware for the home (dishwashers, freezers etc) help consumer to identify the most energy efficient models, which has led to improvements in design and construction.
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