Leaving Europe would save households money

31st May 2016 | Residential Energy

The Leave Campaign has claimed that quitting the EU would save households £1.7bn a year on heating and lighting, or £64 a year per household. This is because the government would be free to scrap VAT on domestic fuel. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove claim that the 5% VAT which is levied on residential electricity…Read more

North Sea Oil in liquidity crisis

28th May 2016 | Commercial Energy

Colin Welsh, the Aberdeen-based head of international energy investment at Simmons and Company, said the UK and Scottish governments are not doing enough to help the North Sea Oil industry: it is slipping towards a liquidity crisis on the scale of Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in 2008 after borrowing heavily to fund…Read more

Norway causes gas prices jump

27th May 2016 | Commercial Energy

Norway was hit by unexpected gas outages at its key gas processing plant and several fields, which cause British wholesale gas prices to jump on Thursday. Production capacity was expected to be reduced by 22 million cubic metres per day with Kollsnes (processing plant) and Troll (biggest gas field) scheduled to close for annual maintenance…Read more

Renewable energy to be offered at same price as brown

23rd May 2016 | Commercial Energy

After George Osborne changed the Climate Change Levy (CCL) rules in his summer 2015 budget, renewable energy prices became more expensive than that made from fossil fuel. For a few months, electricity suppliers withdrew their green products from the market: then gradually, from Autumn 2015 onwards a few started began to offer renewable electricity again….Read more

Ofwat tells water companies to be more efficient

18th May 2016 | Water

In April 2017, the water industry in the UK will deregulate meaning that, in the short term, commercial customers will be able to choose their water and sewerage providers, rather than have to be served by their local monopolist. This will mean competition from existing suppliers (and new market entrants no doubt), which should mean…Read more

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