Sweden’s recycling runs out of rubbish

11th December 2016 | Recycling

Sweden’s recycling system is so good, that is has to import rubbish from abroad to keep its plants going. Less than one per cent of Swedish household waste was sent to landfill last year or any year since 2011. By comparison, the UK has a target of 50 per cent by 2020. Recycling in the…Read more

New battery power-storage plants scheduled to keep UK lights on

11th December 2016 | Commercial Energy

A series of new battery power-storage plants and two small new gas power stations will be built in the UK. This follows the award of subsidies designed to bolster energy supply and head off the threat of shortages. The Government’s hopes of a “dash for gas” were dealt a blow after this week’s auction of…Read more

Anaerobic digestion report – green gas production doubles

9th December 2016 | Commercial Energy

According to an anaerobic digestion report, green gas production doubled in 2016. ADBA’s December 2016 Market Report investigates and explores the growth, developments and market changes in the anaerobic digestion industry to date. The report shows that the total number of AD plants in live operation has risen from 424 a year ago, to 540…Read more

Drax Group to buy Opus Energy

7th December 2016 | Commercial Energy

Drax Group, Britain’s largest coal power producer announced that it wants to buy Opus Energy. It also wants to buy four gas stations in a move away from its coal legacy. This move has been welcomed by investors. Drax said that it has made a £340m offer for business energy provider Opus Energy. This will…Read more

Four cities to ban diesel cars

3rd December 2016 | Commercial Energy

Four of the world’s biggest cities are to ban diesel vehicles from their centres within the next decade. This is a means of tackling air pollution, with campaigners urging other city leaders to follow suit. The mayors of Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City announced plans to take diesel cars and vans off their roads…Read more

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