Wind power generated double Scotland’s required electricity on October 2

6th October 2017 | Commercial Energy

Wind power generated more than double the electricity needed to power Scotland on Monday, according to environmental groups. WWF Scotland analysed wind power data provided by WeatherEnergy and found wind turbines in Scotland provided 86,467 MWh of electricity to the National Grid on October 2.

Scotland’s total electricity consumption, including homes, business and industry, for Monday was 41,866MWh, meaning wind power generated the equivalent of 206% of Scotland’s entire electricity needs on the day. The charity said that wind generated enough electricity to power 7.116 million homes, nearly three times the number of Scottish households.

WWF Scotland director Sam Gardner said, “Monday proved to be a great day for renewable electricity output, with wind turbines alone providing enough to power seven million homes and way more than Scotland’s total electricity needs.

“We’re blown away by these figures but they are part of a pattern of increasingly green power production made possible thanks to many years of political support in Scotland. Across the year, renewables now contribute over half of our electricity needs. Scotland’s renewable sector is thriving by to make sure that we have the most efficient, cheapest system possible, we need more focus on electricity storage, reducing demand and strengthening networks.

“The forthcoming Climate Change Bill and Warm Homes Bill provide vital opportunities to enshrine ambitious commitments in law and to lead global growth industries.
WWF Scotland said that September was also an impressive month for wind power. Wind turbines in Scotland provided 1,108,862MWh of electricity to the National Grid in September while the country’s total electricity to the National Grid in September while the country’s total electricity consumption for the month was 1,768,505MWh.

Wind power, therefore, generated the equivalent of 63% of Scotland’s entire electricity needs for the month.

Karen Robinson, of WeatherEnergy, said, “Monday really was extraordinary, with wind power able to generate the equivalent of two times all Scotland’s electricity needs. This shows just how far renewables have come.”

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