Why recycling is good for your business

24th March 2021 | Recycling

Recycling is something that is increasingly being preached to UK businesses because of the positive environmental impact it can have on our planet. But what you might not know is that recycling can also be hugely beneficial for your business, not just the environment. This short article will outline just how useful recycling is for UK businesses.

Saving your business money
Did you know that, in the long run, recycling your waste will actually save you money. That’s because whilst it may initially seem like an additional expense to have to separate your recycling from your general waste and to pay for a dedicated recycling bin and collection, overtime you’ll make your money back and more in savings from reduced landfill taxes.
Landfill tax is a fee that is required to be paid on all the waste your business sends to landfill. From April 1st 2021, the landfill tax rate is going to be £96.70 per tonne and this rate increases without fail annually. The reason this tax increases each time is that it is meant to be a deterrent for businesses sending waste to landfill and is meant to encourage recycling.
Therefore, if you’re not currently recycling as much as you can, you are simply going to continue paying more and more on landfill taxes. If you can reduce your waste sent to landfill by just 20% by separating out your recycling, you can save a small fortune.

Attracting customers and employees
One of the hidden benefits to recycling which may not be so obvious to you as a business owner is that having an ethical and proactive recycling and environmental policy/practice will be something sought after by employees and customers.
Customers and employees care about recycling. A recent report found that 81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers and sustainability is at the heart of recycling. This means that if your business has a good recycling policy it is definitely something to shout about and promote as this can not only boost your sales and customer retention but can also maintain employee morale and even attract new talent to your business.

Preparing your business for the future
It is becoming riskier and riskier as a business to not recycle your waste. As mentioned earlier, each year it is more expensive to send waste to landfill and recycling is a great way to reduce this cost. But with pressure coming not only financially but also socially with people expecting companies to be sustainable it would certainly be unwise to not be recycling in the near future. In fact, it is probably unwise now and the legal repercussions worsening for not separating your recyclable waste perhaps best epitomises that fact.

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