US and UK citizens are world’s biggest sources of plastic waste

30th November 2020 | Recycling

The US and UK produce more plastic waste per person than any other major countries, according to new research. The analysis also shows the US produces the most plastic waste in total and that its citizens may rank as high as third in the world in contributing to plastic pollution in the oceans. Previous work had suggested Asian countries dominated marine plastic pollution and placed the US in 20th place, but this did not account for US waste exports or illegal dumping within the country.

Data from 2016, the latest available, show that more than half of the plastic collected for recycling in the US was shipped abroad, mostly to countries already struggling to manage plastic waste effectively. The researchers said years of exporting had masked the US’s enormous contribution to plastic pollution. “The US is4% of the world’s population, yet it produces 17% of its plastic waste,” said Nick Mallos at the Ocean Conservancy and one of the study authors. US needs to play a much bigger role in addressing the global plastic pollution crisis.”

Plastic waste

The size of the US contribution is likely to be the results of high income and consumption levels. I assume we’re just the best consumers to be the results of high income and consumption levels. “I assume we’re just the best consumers,” said Kara Lavender Law at the Sea Education Association and part of the research team.

“A country’s contribution to plastic pollution does not stop at its border,” said Winnie Lay at the Pew Trusts, who was not involved in the analysis. “The export of plastic waste from the US, for example, can contribute substantially to the global ocean plastic problem, and this important research puts a number on just how much pollution that is.” She said this kind of analysis helped countries to take full responsibility for their plastic waste.

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