UK’s smart city essential

27th July 2016 | Residential Energy

A surge in urban expansion, economic growth and the integration of new technology will lead to UK cities embracing renewable energy sources as part of a transition to smart cities, in order to cope with growing energy demand. The UK’s smart city is essential.
The independent body in charge of smart meter roll-outs, Smart Energy GB, has revealed that cities are already making significant progress to create resilient energy systems. Their report, Powering Future Cities, revealed that domestic electricity demand will increase by at least 30% in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol by 2035. Demand in London alone will surge by 40%.
Sacha Deshmukh, chief executive of Smart Energy GB, said “Smart meters are an essential step to a smarter future. Many cities have already started to use smart technology to create cleaner, greener environments. With smart meters installed across the country there are great opportunities for further innovation.”
In order to meet this new demand, smart meters will send consumption data to suppliers to help with energy management: every home will have a smart meter by 2020.
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