UK’s Ecotricity to make green gas from grass

22nd November 2016 | Commercial Energy

Ecotricity, the UK-based electricity company, has revealed its plans to produce gas using green gas. In a new report called “Green Gas Mills: The opportunity for Britain”, Ecotricity describes the potential of the new method and how the process could provide all of the gas needs for 97% of Britain’s homes.

In so doing, Ecotricity also claims that it will strengthen the economy and create a new industry with up to 150,000 new jobs. Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, said, “As North Sea reserves run out, the big question is where we’re going to get our gas from next? The government thinks fracking is the answer, but this new report shows that we have a better option.”

“Recently, it’s become possible to make green gas and put it into the grid, in the same way we’ve been doing with green electricity for the last two decades. The current way of doing that is through energy crops and food waste, but both have their drawbacks. Through our research, we’ve found that using grass is a better alternative, and has none of the drawbacks of energy crops, food waste, or fracking, in fact it has no drawbacks at all.”

Ecotricity further explained that the green gas produced through this method is virtually carbon neutral and would help Britain meet its climate targets. And the grass fields would create new habitats for wildlife.

Eoctricity added, that their first Green Gas Mill has just been given the go-ahead, and they hope to build it soon, though that does depend on whether government energy policy will support this energy source, which is simple, benign and abundant.

Ecotricity continued, “We now have a more than viable alternative to fracking, which people have been fighting tooth and nail up and down the country to prevent.”

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