UK industry looks for alternative ways for saving on gas, electricity and water bills

5th February 2018 | Commercial Energy

With the rise of more renewable energy companies and lots of energy providers fighting for contracts of UK business, many firms are now looking to energy management services and even moving off the grid entirely and producing their own power.

According to a survey of over 500 UK businesses, over a third of industrial firms and one in five commercial organisations intend investing over £1m on smart and distributed energy technology by 2022. Energy companies have a major role to play in powering this smart business revolution, by helping firms invest in their future energy strategy and managing the security of supply to the rest of the country.

Saving on gas, electricity and water

With “smart energy” becoming the norm, allowing business owners to monitor and adjust their energy usage, providers must offer this as standard. Especially as customers can now use comparison websites to compare prices and find the cheapest deal for them.

When it comes to energy usage over the next two years, because of the uncertainty surrounding the EU, three in five firms are worried about pricing and the rise in associated taxes and levies. This is particularly common among industrial and commercial businesses, which is unsurprising as industrial firms are currently paying more for their energy than many of their EU peers.

But price alone may be losing its pulling power due to increasing product innovation. One in five commercial and industrial businesses admitted switching supplier to access new technology offerings, like more renewable energy and up to date monitoring.

The power is switching from the suppliers to the hands of the consumers who now have the ability to monitor their own usage and tailor make an energy plan that is suites to them. In the next few years more and more individuals and firms are looking to “get off the grid” and provide their own energy using technology like solar panels.

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