UK Food Waste – Brown Food Caddy

28th May 2017 | Recycling

The UK Food Waste, is mostly dumped in a landfill in most countries where councils pay for it in landfill tax. It is directly linked with local communities in the UK, as Bournemouth council in Dorset have given people the opportunity to recycle food waste.

In the first two years of food waste collections, over 4,300 tons of food waste, an average of 8.4 tons per day was recycled. This had a direct effect on the community at the time has generated enough energy to power the whole recycling process as well as 300 households for an entire year. A liquid soil improver made from the food waste still has an impact today as it is spread on nearby farming land in Dorset and Hampshire.

Food Waste

A Food Waste container or a Food Caddy which has been given to Bournemouth residents in order to reduce the amount of food waste in the rubbish stream and increased recycling. Newspaper and rolls of liners can be used to line the caddy.

The Brown food caddy is left outside when it is full with food scraps next to the normal bins or that contents can be transferred to the outside Food Waste Container. They are picked up by the refuse collector at the same time as general rubbish in small collection vehicles.

The food waste is collected using a new dual-compartment waste collection vehicle. The small collection vehicle delivers the food waste in the Eco at Christchurch. This stage in the process affects the community as it creates new jobs for locals. In addition to meeting the ever-increasing demand for food waste recycling, the lorry helps to reduce the carbon emissions of Commercial Recycling because it is a Euro 6, class leader in low emissions and fuel consumption.

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