Study shows how green credentials have been more important in lockdown

13th July 2020 | Commercial Energy

Brits are planning to stay local and think green as they adjust to post-lockdown life and the ‘new normal’. According to research, more than two in five people say they’ll continue to shop locally and support businesses closer to home. A survey conducted by Eon to celebrate the first anniversary of all residential customers’ homes being provided with 100% renewables-backed electricity at no extra cost, also revealed how many have considered green issues in the last four months.

The study found 51% of the British public said they are more aware of the impact they’re having on the environment, with four in ten cutting back on car journeys. In addition, 48% say lockdown measure have made them re-evaluate how sustainable their lives are.

Green Credentials

And almost three-quarters of businesses claim to have shifted focus to their environmental credentials since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Almost four in five claim employees care more about working for sustainable businesses now than they did a year ago.

“At home and in business, this pandemic has made us all consider what’s most important, and it’s heartening to see across the nation we’re planning on putting sustainability at the heart of our new normal,” said Eon UK chief executive Michael Lewis. “As we look to build back better, it’s important we all take steps towards being more sustainable and more environmentally aware, and we’re proud our customers are already on that journey one year on from our landmark decision to provide their homes with electricity backed by 100% renewable sources.”

Top five ways Brits are helping the environment since lockdown began

  • Recycling household rubbish (85%)
  • Limiting their electricity consumption (68%)
  • Shopping locally (53%)
  • Monitoring their water usage (53%)
  • Purchasing fewer ‘fast fashion’ items (49%)

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