SSE loses customers

21st July 2016 | Residential Energy

SSE, one of the UK’s “Big Six” energy producers and second largest, said that it had lost another 50,000 electricity and gas customers during the three months ending June 30 as smaller suppliers continue to grab market share from the incumbents. These smaller suppliers typically have less costly infrastructure to support, put an emphasis on customer service and can often charge less for to supply: those which are eating into the market share of the Big Six include First Utility, Ovo Energy and Good Energy.
The competition watchdog found that between 2012 and 2015, households overpaid by a total of £1.4bn on uncompetitive tariffs.
SSE residential customer numbers fells from 8.21 million at the end of March to 8.16 million at the end of June.
The Big Six have seen their market share drop to 84.6% in the dual-fuel (electricity and gas in a combined tariff), compared with 99% four years ago, according to consultancy Cornwall Energy. Britain’s largest supplier, British Gas, lost as many as 224,000 customers between January and March.
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