Does shale gas fracking make UK carbon targets?

7th July 2016 | Commercial Energy

The long-awaited report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on whether large scale gas production via fracking can be compatible with the UK’s carbon reduction targets was presented before Parliament. The answer was yes, it is possible, but challenging. And to meet that challenge, the Committee stresses will require stricter regulation, significant emissions offsetting, account for shale gas in carbon budgets, and the delivery of carbon capture and storage capabilities.
That said, CCC member Professor Jim Skea said that whatever the regulations, is would not be a low carbon option for the UK’s energy supply. He said that is was impossible to know whether the three CCC environmental conditions can be met:
Emissions regulation: emissions must be strictly limited during shale gas development, production and decommissioning.
Gas consumption: UK shale gas must displace the importing of gas to the country, rather than just increase fossil fuels, which will need to be phased out.
Carbon budgets: additional production emissions from fracking need to be offset through reductions elsewhere in the UK economy.
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