ScottishPower unveils green tariff powered by wind

17th February 2020 | Residential Energy

ScottishPower has committed to ensuring all its new domestic fixed price tariffs will be supplied by 100% green electricity, generated by the company’s own UK wind farms. According to ScottishPower energy generated by all of its wind farms across the UK will only be sold to domestic and commercial customers. ScottishPower will reinvest money made from the green tariffs in new renewable generation, helping meet future demand for the tariffs.

The new tariffs provide both the renewable electricity and its accompanying certificates, according to ScottishPower. Launching the new tariffs, ScottishPower chief executive Keith Anderson said, “As the UK’s only end-to-end energy provider, we’re unique in being able to make this commitment. From today, anyone who signed up for our electricity on a fixed-prices tariff can be confident that they are buying 100% green electricity – all of it is sources from our wind farms. More than that, they will be contributing to building the next generation of renewable energy, because money made from these tariffs will go into developing new wind farms and other green generation projects.”

Anderson said that with an increasing number of green tariffs in the market, it’s “important” that consumers understand how “green” their tariff is in terms of supporting the UK renewables industry. He added, “This isn’t about playing games with bits of paper or certificates. This is the real deal – customers buying energy from renewable sources and helping us to build even more.

“As well as cleaning up the environment, we want to clean up how green energy is sold. My concern is that too many customers think they are buying renewable electricity, when all they’re buying is a renewable certificate. Today, we’re calling time on this so-called ‘green-washing’.

“ScottishPower customers can be ‘confident’ that their electricity comes from renewable sources, with all the electricity supplied from our UK-based wind farms,” said Anderson.

More information available on the website below