Report advises Whitehall to back compostable materials to increase food waste recycling

19th March 2021 | Recycling

The report, produced by Ricardo Energy, spoke to experts across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain on the potential for compostable packaging to increase the amount of food waste captured for recycling and limit plastic contamination in organic waste streams. The Government is committed to rolling out separate household food waste collections across the country by 2023 in a bid to up recycling, composting rates and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is set to eliminate food waste from landfill by 2030. Over two-thirds of respondents (72%) stated compostable packaging would help increase the amount of food waste captured and would decrease plastic contamination. All respondents agreed that conventional plastic packaging poses a challenge to organic waste streams.

Compostable materials

The report also found 82% of respondents believe compostable materials would help to reduce plastic contamination across organic waste streams. Badly contaminated food waste is currently sent to landfill or incineration. In landfill it can produce harmful gases including methane which some observers say is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Elliot Colburn, Conservative MP for Carshalton and Wallington said: “This report clearly shows that compostable materials must be embraced as the solution to the contamination and incineration of food waste that could otherwise be recycled. This means having strong legislation in place that puts compostables at the heart of Britain’s approach to recycling organic waste.”

Ben Lake, Plaid Cymru MP for Ceredigion said: “The Government’s commitment to promoting food waste recycling is key if we are to stop sending this waste to landfill and incineration when it could – and should – be recycled. But these targets require contaminating plastic to be taken out of the equation. Compostable materials offer a solution, and it’s crucial that the Government recognises this as it considers the legislation needed to reach its 2030 targets.”

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Report advises Whitehall to back compostable materials to increase food waste recycling