Renewable energy to be offered at same price as brown

23rd May 2016 | Commercial Energy

After George Osborne changed the Climate Change Levy (CCL) rules in his summer 2015 budget, renewable energy prices became more expensive than that made from fossil fuel. For a few months, electricity suppliers withdrew their green products from the market: then gradually, from Autumn 2015 onwards a few started began to offer renewable electricity again.

However, it has always been at a premium to the brown electricity on offer, albeit marginal, but for many businesses, protecting the bottom line is more important than having green credentials.

Dong Energy’s UK wing has announced its intention to offer UK businesses renewable energy at no additional premium to brown energy. Danish owned Dong Energy owns several wind farms across the UK and this is a bold move to help companies to improve their green ambitions and reduce their carbon footprints.

It will be interesting to see how the other electricity suppliers react and how they change their pricing strategies.

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