Recycling less than we think

7th September 2016 | Recycling

A research report for Suez, one of the UK’s large waste companies, shows “a significant disconnect” between how well Britons thinks they are recycling their household waste and the national recycling performance: we’re recycling less than we think. Despite UK collection rates of less than 50%, an online survey conducted by YouGov found that 80% of people claim to recycle all or the majority of their waste.

Apparently, 38% recycle everything they know they can recycle, while a further 41% or people claim to recycle the majority. Suez counters this by saying that in England alone, households throw out more than 27 tonnes of refuse, of which only around 45% is recycled.

Why then, if most people are recycling the majority of all that can be recycled, is the national recycling figure not higher?

Those over 45 claim to recycle more than the younger generation: 53% of those aged 55 and over claim to recycle all they can, but only 15% of 18-24 year olds do the same.

So what incentives and initiatives would help improve these numbers?

• Standardised packaging made from readily recyclable material (50%)
• Council tax discounts to households that recycle more and reduce their general waste (49%)
• Rewarding good recyclers with vouchers for local shops (42%)
• Recycling services provided for a greater range of materials by all councils (42%)
• Compulsory clear and prominent recycling information on all packaging (39%)
• Compulsory weekly separate food waste collections for all households by local authorities (27%)

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