Recycling in England falling behind

3rd June 2016 | Recycling

Wales’ recycling rate is soaring: the progressive waste and recycling policy adopted and supported by the Welsh Assembly is reaping dividends, with 59% of waste collected by local authorities in Wales is now being recycled.
The comparative figure in England is 44%, which has remained static for two years: EU Legislation requires the UK achieve an average recycling rate of 50% by 2020, or face penalties. Wales’ targets are more stringent still, with every local authority having to reach 70% by 2025, or face fines.
Keep Britain Tidy’s (KBT) Deputy Chief Executive said, “The success in Wales reflects very badly on the situation here in England.” KBT works with local authorities to help them reduce the amount of residual waste and increase recycling rates and encourage people to waste less.
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