Oil & Gas UK welcomes Theresa May as PM

14th July 2016 | Rural Energy

Deidre Michie, Chief Executive of industry body Oil & Gas UK, has welcomed the appointment of Theresa May to the role of Prime Minister of the UK. She said that the organisation is keen to work with the new leader as it looks to support the North Sea oil and gas industry as it is affected by the current decline in global oil price.
Michie congratulated the Prime Minister on her appointment and is keen for her administration to ensure a sustainable future for this important industrial sector which supports hundreds of thousands of jobs. Since 2014, more than 65,000 jobs have been lost across the sector both directly and indirectly – and estimates are that this figure will reach 120,000 by the end of the year.
Michie also said that the stability from May’s early appointment, rather than the potential disruption caused by a drawn out leadership campaign, would be helpful. Of particular concern is the low levels of exploration and development activity on the UK Continental Shelf.
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