Renewable sector facing bleak future

30th April 2016 | Commercial Energy

Over the last decade, thousands of businesses were set up to sell, install and manage green energy initiatives. These could be as simple as loft insulation, or more complex, such as solar panels. At the larger end, these would include large civil engineering installations, such as wind farms and tidal energy initiatives. They saw a…Read more

Scottish Power fined £18m for poor customer service

26th April 2016 | Commercial Energy

Between June 2013 and December 2015, Scottish Power received more than one million customer complaints, failing to provide basic levels of service (according to Ofgem), with particular issues in call handling, complaint resolution and billing. More than 300,000 customers received late final bills, many of whom did not receive monies owing for a long time….Read more

Climate Change Levy (CCL) Rises 1%

22nd April 2016 | Commercial Energy

The Government made its annual increase to the Climate Change Levy (CCL) on April 2016. The levy was originally introduced under the 2000 Finance Act and was designed to encourage users to use less energy or to switch towards renewably sourced power sources: these weren’t taxed until the July 2015 Budget when George Osborne removed…Read more

British Gas to close office – job losses

20th April 2016 | Commercial Energy

British Gas has announced its intention to close its Oldbury, West Midlands office, where 684 staff are employed in call centre and office work, supporting the company’s engineers attending call-outs and mending boilers. This announcement comes just two months after its residential reported a 31% increase in profits to over £570m. The work will be…Read more

Energy Companies overcharge

15th April 2016 | Commercial Energy

Although December 2015 and February 2016 were the warmest since records began in 1910, only 40% of households saw their charges fall: some customers overpaid by as much as £400 and energy firms overcharged by £1bn for heating this winter. Around 60% of households pay their energy bills by Direct Debit and it is thought…Read more

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