Centrica funding climate denial group linked to Trump

30th December 2016 | Commercial Energy

Centrica, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to a Texas-based climate denial think tank. It has strong links to Donald Trump’s new energy secretary Rick Perry, so says Energydesk. Centrica (the UK’s largest energy supplier) owns British Gas and is a major investor in UK fracking. It has made a number of donations to…Read more

UK faces widespread winter electricity blackouts

30th December 2016 | Residential Energy

According to a report, the UK faces winter electricity blackouts unless radical changes are made to the UK’s electricity network. The British Infrastructure Group published a report called “Electric Shock: Will The Christmas Lights Go Out Next Winter?” It looked at the problems Britain faces by trying to meet climate change goals. It warned that…Read more

What to recycle after Christmas

28th December 2016 | Recycling

Christmas recycling is not as easy as you might think. With all that paper and cardboard ready to be thrown out, surely this is a prime opportunity to recycle. However, it is not as straightforward as you might think. It is important to make sure you know what can and cannot be used again, as…Read more

Storm Barbara batters the UK

23rd December 2016 | Residential Energy

A severe weather warning for northern and western parts of Scotland has been issued as Storm Barbara batters the UK. The storm has disrupted power lines and travel and led to several schools being closed for the day. The Met Office issued an amber “be prepared” warning into Friday evening. Two separate “be aware” warnings…Read more

50% of UK energy from low carbon sources

22nd December 2016 | Commercial Energy

Half of the UK’s electricity came from low carbon sources including, wind turbines, solar panels, wood burning and nuclear reactors between July and September 2016. Official figures show low carbon power, which has been supported by the Government to meet climate change targets, accounted for 50% of electricity generation in the UK in the third…Read more

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