MPs uncertain about renewables future

25th July 2016 | Commercial Energy

MPs are uncertain about the future of the renewables industry: a Scottish Affairs Committee report highlighted “great successes” which have been achieved in expanding renewable energy capacity, with production from wind, hydro and biomass attracting significant investment.
However, the committee was concerned that changes to renewable technology subsidies and uncertainty about future support have affected investor confidence. In particular, they said the removal of subsidy for onshore wind without consultation with the industry or the Scottish Government was especially troubling.
MPs said the lack of clarity about renewable policy has made worse long-standing concerns in Scotland around transmission costs and that renewable plants faced inadequate grid connections and high transmission charges to reach the urban areas where electricity is most needed: renewable plants are most often located in rural areas or on Scottish islands.
The committee has called on Ofgem to look into levelling connection costs across the UK and called on the UK Government to take action to support the improvement of infrastructure between the Scottish islands and the mainland.
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