Labour in manifesto vow to end waste plastic exports

21st November 2019 | Recycling

The Labour Party has vowed to end the export of plastic waste and invest in a “new plastics remanufacturing industry”, as part of a series of waste and recycling pledges in its 2019 manifesto. Launched by Jeremy Corbyn in Birmingham this morning, November 19, the manifesto has a large focus on the environment particularly with regards to renewable energy and carbon emissions.

The manifesto was launched this morning with a series of environmental pledges. Specifically for the waste sector, the Labour Party said it will tackle the plastic pollution problem while also making “producers responsible for the waste they create.” The party has also said it will work with local authorities to reduce food waste and “learn form the Labour government in Wales on how to transform the position of recycling.”

Plastic exports

Labour is the third party in England to launch its manifesto this week ahead of the election on 12 December, following that of the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats. It’s thought the Conservative Party will launch a series of snippets from its manifesto before launching the full text nearer the end of the month. The Brexit party aren’t releasing a manifesto.

Touching on producer responsibility legislation, Labour’s manifesto today said, “Waste, including plastics waste, pollutes our land and seas, killing wildlife and contaminating our food. We will make producers responsible for the waste they create and for the full cost of recycling or disposal, encouraging more sustainable design and manufacturing.”

It’s didn’t mention how this would fit in with the Extended Producer Responsibility legislation which was making its way through parliament before it was dissolved. Similar to that of the Lib Dems, Labour also pledged to “end” the export of plastic waste to “reduce our contribution to ocean pollution”, but didn’t put a timeline on this. “We’ll also take on the global plastics crisis by investing in new plastics remanufacturing industry creating thousands of jobs,” the manifesto added.

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