Home batteries

19th January 2017 | Residential Energy

A new trial will be conducted to demonstrate how several linked home batteries can increase capacity on the electricity network. It should also allow more households to deploy solar panels in the UK.

The home batteries trial will be carried out on 40 home batteries in Oxspring near Barnsley. The test is supported by Moixa, Energise Barnsley and Northern Powergrid.

As part of the first project, Moixa home batteries will be deployed across 40 homes and connected in a virtual power plant. This will demonstrate how the new system can help reduce peak solar output onto electricity networks when there is low local demand.


The £250,000 trial will be conducted on 30 houses where solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have been installed and ten homes without panels. Electrical distribution company Northern Powergird will provide funds for the installation of panels in homes in Oxspring. Community energy company Energise Barnsley will help install and connect them.

These home batteries will also be able to reduce millions in the costs of operating power networks across the country. Moixa’s Chief Executive Officer, Simon Daniel, said, “Batteries will allow the electricity system to support much higher levels of low-carbon renewable power and increase UK energy independence.

“By managing clusters of home batteries in a virtual power plant and allowing homeowners to use more of their solar energy, thereby exporting less, we believe we can significantly reduce peak solar generation output onto the network.

“This will allow more homes to go solar without imposing new costs on network operators.”

According to Northern Powergrid, if the trial is successful, the UK network operators will also be able to save millions by reducing the need to upgrade infrastructure. In addition, the panels will be able to reduce electricity bills by up to 30%. Batteries generate savings of up to 20% by enabling residents to use energy produced during the day at night.

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