Half of EU citizens could be generating their own electricity by 2050

28th September 2016 | Residential Energy

According to a new major report release this week by the European Renewable Energies Federation, half of all EU citizens could be generating, storing or selling their own electricity by 2050. The report suggests that 264 million so-called “energy citizens” could meet 45% of the EU’s electricity demand by 2050, as the energy market across the continent shifts from large, centralised generation to one where decentralised generation and storage technologies enable people to produce their own electricity and heat and help the grid manage demand.

In the UK alone there is predicted to be up to 24million “energy citizens” using a range of clean energy technologies from solar PV and wind to e-boilers, electric vehicles, demand response systems and stationary energy storage units. There are already more than one million such citizens in the UK generating or storing their own energy.

However, the report goes on to say that “energy citizens” face significant legal obstacles to generating and storing their own electricity.

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