Government calls for recycling school

23rd February 2017 | Recycling

Whole lorries full of domestic waste are being sent to landfill instead of going for recycling because people are just not separating their rubbish. This is particularly case where a round has a large proportion of communal bins where the actions of a few could spoil the recycling efforts of an entire housing estate. According to the only solution could be lessons in domestic recycling funded in partnership between local authorities and the major waste companies in order to get the message across.  This could be in the form of a recycling school.

“The truth of the matter is that only around 45% of domestic refuse goes to recycling these days,” says Mark Hall, spokesperson for “One of the major reasons that we’ve failed to get this figure higher is that people still don’t know how to recycle. And worse than that – there’s people who just don’t care.”

Recycling School is aware that there is resistance to recycling from certain sections of society who are convinced that climate change and challenges to natural resources are a “con”. They see no need to change lifestyles. “It doesn’t help when we have politicians who say we can ignore the opinions of experts, because this is one thing where all the world’s experts agree,” said Hall.

But it’s areas where the message hasn’t got through that practical lessons in recycling can help. One recent example where there’s been such a call is in the Berkshire town of Reading, where some domestic waste collections are so contaminated with the wrong kind of refuse that there is no option but to send the entire load to already straining landfill sites.

In one estate, communal recycling bins are left overflowing with general waste, and there’s also a problem with vermin. The situation is so bad that some residents are calling for lessons from the council to show their neighbours how to use the bins.

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