Gas provides half of UK power

25th August 2016 | Commercial Energy

Gas provides half of UK power, at least it did in the second quarter of 2016: at the same time, coal fell to a record low share, according to latest national statistics released by the government’s new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Gas provided 50.9% of the total electricity generation by major power producers, with nuclear at 24.2%, renewables 18.1% and coal only 6.8%.

Electricity generation by the same producers was down 0.9% year on year, which meant their coal use fell by 71%, whereas their gas use rose by 52% with gas use by generators in April 2016 the highest of any month since October 2011. Coal-fired use in May 2016 was its lowest monthly use in the past 21 years, with more plants closed or switched to biomass-burning.

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