Gas consumers overcharged

24th August 2016 | Residential Energy

Thousands of gas consumers have been overcharged because energy suppliers have made basic mistakes in reading their meters. Companies have confused old imperial gas meters (measuring usage in cubic feet) with newer metric ones, which measure it in cubic meters.

This announcement comes only a few weeks after the UK’s competition watchdog warned that customers were paying £1.7bn more than they should each year by not switching supplier. Mistakes have benefited customers whose metric meters have been read as if they were imperial, but when the situation has been the reverse, customers have suffered: either undercharged by 60 per cent, of overcharged by 130 per cent or more.

Eon has found several hundred thousand customers are affected. Ofgem, the industry regulator, has asked all suppliers to check their billing records to establish how many customers might be affected. The regulator believes that all of the Big Six suppliers are affected.

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