English recycling target would need funding

11th October 2016 | Recycling

Funding would be required if a direct recycling target was introduced for English local authorities, councils have said. The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (Larac) said Welsh and Scottish councils are more focussed on increasing their recycling rates because they had direct targets to reach.
This follows moves by many English councils to introduce charges this month at their household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) for residents’ disposal of construction waste, despite fears this could reduce their recycling rates. Although the Government has discouraged such moves, all councils which have made the changes cited continued funding cuts from central Government as a major factor in their decision.
Leicester City Council, which is currently considering introducing HWRC charges, said in a report that the plan could lead to a 2.8% drop in the authority’s recycling rate. Although councils in England do not have a direct responsibility to hit any recycling targets, the UK’s rate is flatlining at below 45% and could fall short of its 50% EU target by 2020.
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