Energy storage deployment

5th October 2016 | Commercial Energy

A report released by the renewable energy industry contains new data has revealed the extent of energy storage deployment and the industry’s potential future growth in the UK.
As of August 2016, there are 35 standalone grid-connected projects, spanning technologies from lithium-ion batteries (the same technology used in mobile phones and electric vehicles) to pumped hydro systems (where water is stored in a reservoir and released through turbines when electricity demand peaks).
There are also at least 1,500 smaller, residential-scale project. The total storage capacity in the UK in August 2016 is 3.23 GW. At least 453 MW of energy storage capacity has been announced as under construction or being commissioned, in addition to the 200MW of “enhanced frequency response” storage which was contracted by the National Grid in September.
The Renewable Energy Assocition (REA)’s second edition of the report Energy Storage in the UK. The REA’s energy storage sector group brings together over 100 companies operating in the UK’s energy storage supply chain. Energy storage is widely recognised as a technology which will have a significant role in the UK’s future energy system, allowing for an increased role for renewables, more flexibility and greater decentralisation.
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