What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

10th April 2016 | Commercial Energy

An EPC is a legal requirement for anybody looking to sell or rent out a property. They look like the Energy Rating stickers on new electrical products, ranging from G (not very good) to A (the best). The calculation is based on the square meters of floor space in the home, combining the rates of energy loss (therefore the materials used, insulation, efficiency of heating) with a measure of the house’s systems’ ability to create energy.

These calculations are based on a set of assumptions about occupancy and heating standards and the report/ rating has to be produced by a qualified surveyor.

The national average Energy Efficiency Rating is 46, band E, and most houses can be refurbished to reach over 70 (band C): the average house emits about 6 tonnes of CO2 per year and refurbishment can bring this down considerably.

It is possible that a house can score 100 and this means it would need virtually no energy to run at all.