Electricity prices likely to rise this winter

13th June 2016 | Commercial Energy

Enappsys, which monitors wholesale electricity market data, forecasts that the National Grid will have an even more difficult job than last year keeping the lights on, when it took emergency measures for the first time.
Smaller suppliers are likely to be hit hardest, as they have less ability to absorb such prices and some might be driven out of business. Since last winter when supplies were at their tightest for a decade, 11 coal- and gas-fired power stations have been partly or fully closed, and only two new gas plants have been built in their place.
If there are shortages of electricity, smaller, highly-polluting gas and diesel plants generators will kick in to make up the shortfall, so the Government’s encouragement to companies to build large, efficient plants with subsidies, have ended up giving millions of pounds to these smaller operators.
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