Dual fuel tariffs pulled since Brexit vote

12th July 2016 | Residential Energy

Since 23 June, twelve energy providers have pulled fixed-rate tariffs for domestic energy contracts and replaced them with more expensive alternatives. Uswitch, the energy comparison site, found that new offers cost up to £105 a year for the average customer: energy costs had been rising for the three months leading up to Brexit, and the falling pound meant that energy prices were relatively more expensive, as the UK is a net importer of energy.
Big Six energy suppliers British Gas, EDF and Scottish Power are among the firms to have repriced their fixed-rate gas and electricity deal, but the greatest increase came from Extra Energy.
Prior to the Brexit referendum, the Government had claimed that a leave vote would push up prices for households, and Amber Rudd, Energy Secretary, talked about an increase of £20 per household. Brexit campaigners said a vote for Brexit would allow the Government to scrap VAT on fuel which would bring prices down considerably.
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