Drinks companies publish plan to wipe out plastic waste by 2030

6th September 2018 | Recycling

A group of bottled water and soft drink manufacturers have come up with a roadmap to eliminate plastic packaging waste by 2030. Nine companies have set out their vision to create a production and distribution chain where packaging will be made entirely from recycled or renewable materials and will be designed to be fully reusable or recyclable.

The report, published today in partnership with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), urges manufacturers to produce at least 70 per cent of bottled water and soft drinks from recycled material by 2025. It also concludes that reducing reliance on natural materials and using more existing resources in a closed loop system could boost the economy by creating new jobs.

Drinks Companies

But to achieve this goal, the report calls on the government to create a consistent nationwide recycling system and reinvest revenues from new policies into recycling, sorting and reprocessing capacity. The government is due to publish a new waste and resources strategy later this year, and has promised to streamline recycling systems and overhaul producer responsibility rules to improve recycling rates.

In the UK, more than five million tonnes of plastic are used each year of which 37 per cent are used to make packaging, according to the report. The British Soft Drinks Association previously reported that 72 per cent of soft drinks sold in the UK are packaged in plastic, with more plastic being used to ensure safe delivery. The report also states that an estimated 1.2 million tonnes of plastic film from all sectors end up in waste in the UK every year.

Innovation in the delivery system is cited as one example of the way in which businesses should adapt to reduce plastic waste. The report also encourages research and development in the use of bio-based and biodegradable materials and their ability to fit into existing recycling streams.

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