Cow dung into electricity

15th July 2016 | Recycling

Richard Tomlinson, farmer at Lodge Farm in North Wales, has been generating electricity since 2011 from cow dung: he generates electricity and heat for the farmhouse, an on-site engineering works and 80+ homes via an anaerobic co-digester.
It works on the slurry of his herd of 300 cattle, chicken litter which cannot be used for animal feed and waste from Kellogg’s local food factory.
The UK produces nearly 110m tonnes of organic waste a year and almost 90% of that comes from farms, and it also produces 10m tonnes of food waste, much of which still goes into landfill. Farm slurry is less efficient as a feedstock than other crops, so many farmers have been turning their fields to maize to feed the digesters. There are 208 anaerobic digestion plants in the UK which rely on food waste.
More information available on the website below