Carpet waste diversion from landfill rises to 35%

26th January 2017 | Recycling

More carpet waste in the UK was diverted form landfill in 2017 according to latest Carpet Recycling UK figures. 142,000 tonnes were reused, recycled or recovered for energy. This is a 14% increase on 2015 (125,000 tonnes) and represents a diversion rate of 35% – up from just 2% in nine years.

Around 400,000 tonnes of waste carpet arise each year in the UK. Energy recovery increased by 35% compared to 2015 as the use of carpets as a renewable fuel source in cement kilns continues to replace fossil fuels.


A 50% increase in capacity for municipal energy-from-waste facilities over the past two years has also contributed to the greater reuse of carpet waste. Commenting on their latest achievements, CRUK Director Laurance Bird acknowledged “outstanding support” from core funders and members who want to “make their business more sustainable.” CRUK’s core funders are Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors/ Headlam, Desso, ege, Milliken, Balsan and Marlings.

Laurance commented, “These core funders lead the industry in demonstrating extended producer responsibility for carpet throughout its lifecycle. Thanks to their commitment and support, we are continuing to advance sustainability within this sector and drive growth in recycling and capacity.”

Interest in recycling carpets is strong, he revealed, with more than500 enquiries handled by the CRUK team in 2016. This reflects greater awareness generally that carpet can avoid being landfilled.

Carpets are made from natural and synthetic fibres, which still have a value once the carpet is no longer wanted: they can be used in a wide range of surfaces from sports surfaces to insulation.

CRUK’s membership has also reached a record high with 97 members from across the carpet recycling supply chain, including manufacturers, raw material suppliers, recyclers, retailers and machine manufacturers. CRUK’s membership has also reach a record high with 97 members from across the recycling supply chain.

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