Best and worst recyclers

13th July 2016 | Recycling

The best recyclers in the UK are farmers it has been revealed. This is the finding of a British waste and recycling company – York-based – which surveyed various sectors of the UK economy to discover which group produced the highest percentage of recyclable waste, compared to waste sent to landfill or incineration.
They said that sectors such as factories and farms whose profits depend on reusing and recycling as much as possible, whereas office workers came bottom. Office workers are often insulated from the effects of throwing everything into a desk-side bin – and in a large organisation, that can soon add up to tonnes of rubbish.
Britain’s top ten commercial recyclers:
1. Farmers
2. Factories
3. Pubs and restaurants
4. Retail
5. Hospitals & clinics
6. Schools
Britain’s worst commercial recyclers:
1. Office-based businesses
2. Night clubs
3. Takeaway food establishments
The reason that farmers are good at recycling is that they’ve been doing it for centuries and they have a waste-not-want-not ethic which has survived down the years. Small or large agri-businesses, everything is collected, assessed and re-used where possible. Only useless waste is thrown away – and then reluctantly.
Similarly, it costs manufacturers to get rid of unrecyclable waste, so they will often sell it on to another sector which can use it for their own manufacture.