72% would welcome UK-wide deposit return system for drink containers – survey

27th July 2019 | Recycling

Almost three-quarters of people would back a “deposit return system” for plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans being rolled out across the UK, a survey suggest. The poll found 72% of people supported plans by the Scottish government for a 20p deposit on drinks containers that people would get back when they return it for recycling, to be implemented across the whole UK.

The same percentage wanted to see the same materials – glass, plastic and aluminium – or more, such as Tetra Pak cartons, included in the scheme, the survey for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) found. The findings come after Michael Gove backed an “all-in” deposit return system that includes drinks containers of all materials and sizes in his final speech as environment secretary.

Deposit return

CPRE wans the new Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers to build on the work of her predecessor and make a “swift and formal commitment” to bringing in a scheme that would end environmental damage done by drinks containers. Maddy Haugthon-Boakes, litter campaigner at CPRE, said, “It’s absolutely fantastic that so many people have shown such high levels of support for the scheme before it’s even been introduced.

A deposit return system will transform the way we deal with waste, boost recycling and, as a result, finally put a stop to the harm that drinks containers are causing our countryside, environment and wildlife. With Michael Gove having thrown his weight behind a truly “all-in” deposit return system, and with the Scottish government’s decision to introduce one earlier this year, this latest wave of public support is surely all the evidence needed for the Government to get this over the line.”

YouGov surveyed 3,386 people for the poll for CPRE.

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