11 waste plastic-to-hydrogen plants proposed for UK

20th August 2019 | Commercial Energy

A £130 million collaboration contract between three companies has been signed, confirming plans to open up 11 new plastic recycling sites across the UK using pioneering technology to convert unrecyclable plastic into hydrogen. PowerHouse Energy Group and waste infrastructure developer Peel Environmental have released plans for ten new sites alongside the previously announce project at Protos Energy Park, in Ellesmere Port.

The recycling sites will use PowerHouse’s Distributed Modular Gasification (DMG) to convert unrecyclable plastic in hydrogen and reduce landfill waste, and the projects will be developed by energy-from-waste firm Wast2Tricity. David Ryan, CEO of PowerHouse Energy, said, “The contractual agreement represents a substantial commitment from Peel to the wider deployment of DMG Energy Recovery Technology in the UK.

“Their commitment to commercial and funding engagement is an important step for PHE. Peel will aid the roll out of the technology and importantly they share our vision of the great potential arising from the distributed hydrogen economy. We are hugely encouraged by the fact that we have demonstrated our technology to Peel over an extensive due diligence period and we have met the Peel criteria, not only technically, but more importantly, commercially.

“As one of the UK’s largest industrial landowners, Peel’s vast land bank, its expertise, and blue-chip counterparties committed to plastic recycling and hydrogen usage enable us to look forward to successful delivery of the projects under this contract and beyond.”

Myles Kitcher, Managing Director of Peel Environmental, said, “Hydrogen is increasingly being seen as a vital part of our journey to zero carbon. This deal could be transformational in delivering at UK first technology that can generate local sources of hydrogen but also provide a solution to plastic waste. As a business we’re looking at solutions for all plastics with a vision for these facilities to sit alongside recycling and recovery.”

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